Supreme Court antics

Breaking news from the Gazette and the Daily Mail has lawyers from Hugh Caperton claiming photo evidence of Chief Justice Spike Maynard vacationing with Massey Energy God Don Blankenship. (if he’s the President, Chairman and CEO, that makes him God)

Am I the only one that thinks the Supreme Court has replaced the State Senate as the bastion of dirty politics? Blankenship bought one Supreme Court seat, then the justices decided to circumvent the usual and customary Chief Justice rotation to shaft Joe Albright, then the court overturns (by 3-2) a ruling against Massey Energy, and now we see the Chief out hanging with the Massey CEO. Frankly, we don’t have enough disinterested judges to rule on a coal case in West Virginia.

Spike Maynard and Don Blankenship

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    […] past comes back to bite Interesting twist to the Spike Maynard-Don Blankenship story today. It’s buried about two-thirds into the Daily Mail story. Maynard claims […]

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