Joe Manchin wants you back! (sorry)

The Governor’s weekly column asks for former West Virginians to move back home. He claims the future has never been brighter, that there are positive changes, and the time has never been better to find a job or raise a family in West Virginia.

Unfortunately, he’s offering his “own” company (state employees and teachers) a 3% raise when gas prices alone have gone up 3% in the last year (driving up the cost of everything else). He has frozen merit raises, which means good employees can’t be rewarded and encouraged to remain. He has an administration that picks at the littlest things (how to answer the phones, oil spots in parking places, dress codes) while doing nothing to improve morale or make those workers see a brighter future.

That’s not a good advertisement for potential workers in the private sector. They’ll see a governor who encourages “business first, employees last” attitudes.

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2 Responses to “Joe Manchin wants you back! (sorry)”

  1. MarionCountyMafia Says:

    Joe doesn’t live in the same state we live in. Nice blog.

  2. WVState Says:

    He lives in the State of Denial?

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