The promise of Promise

There’s been a lot of chatter ever since Manchin suggested making Promise grads work in WV or pay off their scholarships. Just as Hoppy did yesterday, a lot of writers are grabbing onto phrases in the Promise report (PDF) that support the idea that students would be going to WV colleges anyway, or that most of the kids that get the Promise could have afforded college anyway. There’s a few facts in that report they’re ignoring.

50% of Promise scholars say they plan to work in WV and another 30% aren’t sure.
Reasons for not staying include wanting to experience life elsewhere (a common theme among college grads), finding a job in WV and moving to join a spouse.
While 71% of students say they’d have stayed in WV for college without the Promise, that ignores the sizable portion that would have gone elsewhere.

If the Promise is not reaching low-income students, maybe that’s because the schools aren’t pumping these kids to try. The opportunity is there; those kids need to be told they can attain it. And if Manchin wants to force kids to stay in WV after college, he’d better provide the jobs.

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