The past comes back to bite

Interesting twist to the Spike Maynard-Don Blankenship story today. It’s buried about two-thirds into the Daily Mail article. Maynard claims he’s done nothing wrong hanging out with Big Don in Monaco, and obviously doesn’t want to recuse himself from the case the Supreme Court is supposed to review.

However, a month “after the European rendezvous” (nice phrase, DM!), Blankenship filed a lawsuit over the policy that gives justices the authority to choose to recuse themselves from cases. At the time, Big D was targeting Larry Starcher, vocal critic of Don and his pet justice, Brent Benjamin. But that same policy is what allows Maynard to choose whether to stay on the Massey Energy case or not.

Can’t have it both ways, Big D!

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2 Responses to “The past comes back to bite”

  1. OldHillbilly Says:

    This nastiness casts an ugly pall on the entirety of the WV judiciary and it should give all of us an occasion to think long and hard about the folks we elect to the Court. Most folks don’t know him, but Bob Bastress (a law professor and Charleston outsider) looks better and better every day.

  2. WVState Says:

    Here’s a question: do you think it would be better to have the judges appointed, not for life but for that 12 year term, instead of elected? Or if possible, eliminate political parties from the judicial elections?

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