Kids and museum food

There’s been much ado about moving the Archives library in the Cultural Center and putting in a cafe. In addition to resistance from fans of the archives (most of whom figure Fred Armstrong was fired because he didn’t like the plan), it appears there’s now resistance from legislators who say they just spent $3.7 million on a new food court just 100 yards away.

Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith swears the new museum (when it opens) will need a restaurant of some type because “You need to have a place for the kids to eat…We need to have something for them to buy.” However, the word out among state employees is that they’ll need more than Manchin’s promised 3% raise in order to actually dine in the Food Court. Prices are considerably higher than the cafeteria it replaced; I’ve heard reports of $6 salads and $10 meals. By the same token, school kids will not eat at an overpriced cafe; they’ll either brown bag it, or their teachers will either lead them to Wendy’s or pile them on the buses to McDonald’s, which feature meals kids like and can afford.

Museums have restaurants available (although rarely embedded in the building) if they are tourist destinations. The people who eat there are vacationers, not school groups. Has anyone asked the Clay Center how many school kids buy the food in their cafe downstairs?

Edit: wow, I was a half-step ahead of Phil Kabler, who reports “sticker shock” by guests at the new food court.

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2 Responses to “Kids and museum food”

  1. amodernguy Says:

    Legislation introduced in the West Virginia Senate today would place specific restrictions regarding the use of the Cultural Center including prohibiting the sales of food and drink, prohibiting the merging of the archives library with the lending library, placment of a gift shop in the basement with the museum and placing oversight of the historian and archivist with the Archives and History Commission.

    For more details see my post here.

  2. Ferd Berfle Says:

    Maybe Reid just wanted children in close proximity.
    Just sayin’.

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