WV Teachers want even more


The teachers held a rally yesterday at the Capitol, what with the MLK celebration it was a good day to get on the news. Apparently it was too cold and the thousands they expected turned into hundreds, even though they held their rally indoors.

The Gazette article quotes the usual sob story about a teacher that has to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, including holding a sign on a summer construction job. I know plenty of state workers who moonlight, and teachers should be happy they have the summer off to find temporary full time employment. In fact, maybe the teachers should feel guilty for taking summer jobs away from students who also need the money!

Those teachers should also be happy they had Monday off to rally; in fact, it was a four-day weekend for Kanawha County teachers. Kanawha teachers are also getting a bonus for not taking sick days, which seems to have cut absenteeism considerably. So much for the devotion of teachers to their students.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more money; what’s bad is to set yourself up as special and more deserving than others in the same boat.

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