Raises, everybody needs raises

The news today is that the legislature is looking at giving its staffers, and possibly themselves, a raise.

By my math, giving a staffer a $5/day raise  comes out to a $300 across-the-board increase for a 60 day session. A state worker making $20,000 a year (about 260 work days) would only get a $600 annual raise if Manchin’s 3% hike is passed.

“As proposed, Senate secretaries could make as little as $60 a day during the session, while minimum pay for legislative analysts would be $55 a day. Proposed pay for assistant doorkeepers is as low as $50 a day.” I don’t know what these people do, but $50 a day for someone to watch the door sounds pretty hefty compared to what so many state workers are getting each day for jobs that require a college degree and experience.

They’d also like to increase legislators’ salaries from $15000 to $20000 a year (again, that’s for 60 days’ work; they get paid extra for extended sessions), and increase the per diem expense to $131/day. If they get that increase, will they stop eating at lobbyists’ expense?

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