“I was friends with Kay Goodwin…”

In Bob Schwarz’s article about changing of the guard at The Art Store, he touches on the fact that Lisa Fischer-Casto was the “$10,000 a month” project manager for the State Museum renovation early on. They gutted the museum, then the bids were four times what she had estimated.

“I was friends with (Arts and Education Secretary) Kay Goodwin,” Fischer-Casto said. “She said they needed help. I can’t say why they weren’t ready.”

They weren’t ready because, if anyone remembers the news accounts of the day, she was in charge of the project and said they were ready! Interesting how she blows off her responsibility as project manager.

Someone has finally admitted how people get the high-paying jobs in state government.

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One Response to ““I was friends with Kay Goodwin…””

  1. Sweet and Sour Fan Says:

    Good work for posting this. It boggles the mind. She ADMITS to being responsible for the escalators to nowhere! She built the DEATH STAR (Laidley Tower)! She’s been on the board of the other DEATH STAR (The Clay Center)! Now taking on the Art Store. Hmmm, wonder if enough of her rich “friends” will return the favor and buy enough art to cover the costs of running the ART STORE as an actual business. We shall see.

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