Museum food and gifts

The bill to prevent merging the two libraries at the Cultural Center is moving along, but there’s still msinformation flying around.

“I think if you go to any museum in any other place, you will have a gift shop, and you probably have some sort of food service,” he (Morgan) said.

These guys just don’t understand. Very few museums that you visit also have a paper archives contained within. In Washington those things are in separate buildings. Many museums have their artifact collection warehoused separate from the museum itself. You always worry about vermin in the case of the museum artifacts, but it’s even worse when it comes to fragile documents. The issue of theft (with regard to merging libraries) is one problem, but having any food service in close proximity to the documents or artifacts is Bad News. At the Cultural Center, all this stuff is contained within the same set of walls, and many documents are stored right next to the museum artifacts.

The only place to have food is outside the building (such as in the atrium idea), and if you do that, then that’s also where you want your gift shop. Good museum plans have visitors exiting right past the food and trinkets.

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