Mardi Gras? In West Virginia?

I was taking up for Tri-State Racetrack when legislators took them to task over their license. The vote in Kanawha County was later than the rest of the state, and then the recount held things up, so it’s fair that they wait until July 1 so they can get a full year out of their casino license.

But in a double-whammy today, Tri-State is changing its name to Mardi Gras Gaming, because it’s owned by a company that has a place in Florida called Mardi Gras Gaming. Now “Mardi Gras” may cut it in Florida, just down the road from the real Mardi Gras, but in West Virginia that just sounds foolish.

The second half of the whammy is that the track has dumped ZMM as its architectural firm for the expansion, switching to a Florida architect. ‘Dan Adkins, vice president of Harman & Tyner, the corporate parent of Tri-State, said, “I did need somebody I can work closely with.” He said he feels more comfortable with Florida architect Glenn Giles.’

I’m sure people didn’t even think about the fact that the track is owned by out-of-staters until something like this comes up.

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