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Joe Manchin and the Museum

May 28, 2008

After pounding his nail, Governor Joe tells WV Public Radio “I’m committed to getting this completed. I really have been. And I’ve been very vocal about it.”

Apparently, he’s a recent convert, since he told Acting Commissioner Troy Body that he wasn’t going to sink any more money into that “million dollar hole in the ground.”


A professional liar tells the truth

May 24, 2008

Professional Liar Bil Lepp managed to slip a Heather Bresch reference into his story at the Vandalia Gathering Friday night.

To briefly set it up: Bil, in California, encounters a mountain lion, and in order to save himself, preaches and then Baptizes the lion. (Bil is also a minister) Out of nowhere a California Natural Resources officer appears, and when she pulls out her wallet and flashes her badge, the plastic accordion card holder rolls down, revealing her National Herbal Tea Drinkers card, her membership in a couple of other granola groups, and her EMBA card from WVU.

The audience howled for a full minute.

Joe Manchin pounds a nail

May 24, 2008

Well, perhaps in answer to the museum in limbo, The Culture Palace announced today that the Gov is going to pound the ceremonial first nail in the museum next week. One wonders what he’s pounding a nail into, since if the museum is going to be built with wood, what is the other $16.5 million of renovation money going for? A “world class museum” is not built out of wood.

Charleston user fee and cameras

May 23, 2008

There’s a good letter to the editor pointing out that

London has the most surveillance of any city in the world, but London Chief Inspector Mick Neville is quoted as calling the system “a fiasco.”

Danny Jones needs to learn from Inspector Neville. This would be a total waste of the user fee.

The Museum Limbo

May 23, 2008

Phil Kabler writes that the State Museum project is in limbo because the contract for the specialty fabricator still hasn’t been awarded. Three bids were submitted, but one was tossed, no reason revealed yet. Phil seems to think that they are taking too long to reveal the bid award, even though the dollar amounts of the bids have been published. Perhaps there’s a technical issue? After all, the low bid isn’t necessarily the best bid.

But for once, it’s unfair to say the museum is in limbo, it appears work is going great guns on framing up the space. Culture and History’s website has some pictures and drawings of the museum progress, although the pages appear unfinished and not up-to-date; maybe it’s the website that’s in limbo?

In any case, it’s no longer a $6 million hole in the ground, as Joe Manchin so politely put it several years (and commissioners) ago.

The Governor speaks

May 19, 2008


Joe Manchin continues spin control with phrases like:

“this controversy all started because our daughter sincerely believed that she had her degree, because of a meeting that everyone admits took place with the program’s director in 1998, and when she contacted the university last year, she was simply asking them to find the records that she believed would confirm that. Had they told her that after looking through their records they didn’t have the proper documentation on file, we honestly believe that while she may not have liked that answer, she would have accepted it and moved on with her life.”


“Gayle and I are both angry, in particular, at the fabrication of grades that took place, because it unfairly damages our daughter’s reputation as much as it does the University’s.”


“the WVU Board of Governors members are not under my control and remain free, as they always have been, to make their own individual and collective decisions on this or any other situation.”

Sure they’re free to decide, but they all know the Governor and know which way the wind blows. As for Heather, I’m pretty sure her calls to the University didn’t sound like she was happy they couldn’t back up her “graduation.”

Tickets to a campaign?

May 12, 2008

Hillary has appeared twice in the Charleston area in the last few days, and Bill has appeared a couple of times, and they’ve both appeared in several other places around that state, and the events were always wide open.

Obama comes to Charleston one time, appears in a larger venue (the Civic Center) than the others, and they require tickets for admission.

What’s up with that?

WVU students speak out

May 3, 2008

and they don’t sound pretty.

…Jeremy Zeiders, a junior from central Pennsylvania studying history, said one of his professors added a “Heather Bresch question” to an exam. “[It] didn’t matter if you got it right or wrong,” he said, “because you’ll still get credit.”

…When asked about Bresch, some students admit they don’t know who she is and haven’t been following the dispute. A few even admit that they don’t know who Garrison is.

Pretty sad.

Thank you, citizens of Man

May 2, 2008

…for making West Virginians look like idiots once again.

WV Public Radio reported this morning that Hillary Clinton has a 28% lead over Barack Obama heading into the primary, and they went to Man to get the “man on the street” opinion on the candidates. Some excerpts:

One fellow said he couldn’t vote for Hillary because that would put a woman over him, and “women cannot usurp authority over men.” Welcome to the 19th Century!

A woman said she couldn’t vote for Obama because of his middle name, “Barack Hussein Obama.” She said it just like she’d heard it repeated on talk radio.

One fellow reported that he was voting for Obama because he really wanted McCain to win, and he thought that Obama can’t beat McCain but Hillary can. Why does he want McCain to win? Because he’ll keep the troops in Iraq and that’s “good for coal. The price of coal went up after we invaded Iraq.” IOW, he’s all for killing more Americans if it keeps the price of coal up.

Only one person said on tape that he couldn’t vote for a black man, but the reporter said that several said off-tape that race was a big issue. They’d take a white woman over a black man. Unless you’re a religious fundamentalist, and then you have to vote Republican.