WVU students speak out

and they don’t sound pretty.

…Jeremy Zeiders, a junior from central Pennsylvania studying history, said one of his professors added a “Heather Bresch question” to an exam. “[It] didn’t matter if you got it right or wrong,” he said, “because you’ll still get credit.”

…When asked about Bresch, some students admit they don’t know who she is and haven’t been following the dispute. A few even admit that they don’t know who Garrison is.

Pretty sad.

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4 Responses to “WVU students speak out”

  1. Lied To Says:

    How is the world can phone records just “come up missing” or better yet, “be unattainable”? I’m surprised that this angle hasn’t been investigated further…..

  2. WVState Says:

    As I mentioned in HK’s blog comments, I think the university is required by law to maintain those records for as long as possible, not purge them immediately as Garrison claims is done.

  3. wvumir Says:

    Hi, we’re working to raise awareness of this issue via a petition for Garrison’s resignation. Please sign! http://www.wvumir.org/petition.html and http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Tum7pZ9wLX0rXC7hmgBiAQ_3d_3d

  4. Don Says:

    Nice blog guys.

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