The Governor speaks


Joe Manchin continues spin control with phrases like:

“this controversy all started because our daughter sincerely believed that she had her degree, because of a meeting that everyone admits took place with the program’s director in 1998, and when she contacted the university last year, she was simply asking them to find the records that she believed would confirm that. Had they told her that after looking through their records they didn’t have the proper documentation on file, we honestly believe that while she may not have liked that answer, she would have accepted it and moved on with her life.”


“Gayle and I are both angry, in particular, at the fabrication of grades that took place, because it unfairly damages our daughter’s reputation as much as it does the University’s.”


“the WVU Board of Governors members are not under my control and remain free, as they always have been, to make their own individual and collective decisions on this or any other situation.”

Sure they’re free to decide, but they all know the Governor and know which way the wind blows. As for Heather, I’m pretty sure her calls to the University didn’t sound like she was happy they couldn’t back up her “graduation.”

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3 Responses to “The Governor speaks”

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