The Museum Limbo

Phil Kabler writes that the State Museum project is in limbo because the contract for the specialty fabricator still hasn’t been awarded. Three bids were submitted, but one was tossed, no reason revealed yet. Phil seems to think that they are taking too long to reveal the bid award, even though the dollar amounts of the bids have been published. Perhaps there’s a technical issue? After all, the low bid isn’t necessarily the best bid.

But for once, it’s unfair to say the museum is in limbo, it appears work is going great guns on framing up the space. Culture and History’s website has some pictures and drawings of the museum progress, although the pages appear unfinished and not up-to-date; maybe it’s the website that’s in limbo?

In any case, it’s no longer a $6 million hole in the ground, as Joe Manchin so politely put it several years (and commissioners) ago.

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