A disrespected visionary?

Interesting items to take away from Phil Kabler’s report on the Fred Armstrong firing:

1. Randall Reid-Smith has a low threshold of pain when it comes to “disrespect.” Lack of self-esteem?

2. Kay Goodwin is not RRS’s boss. She didn’t have anything to do with hiring him, and was not involved (she says) in firing Armstrong. His backing comes from Manchin’s Chief of Staff. What the hell does she do over there all day? Apparently the Governor’s office didn’t even consult her before appointing RRS, which also shows that they were waiting for their opportunity to get rid of Troy Body and give the job to Reid-Smith.

3. RRS was given assurance he could “form his own leadership team when he was hired to carry forward his vision.” Apparently that included appointing a Museum Director with no prior experience in museums. One wonders if they are going to find an Archives Director of equal qualifications.

4. RRS claims to be a visionary, but the idea about the cafe came from consultants. Then again, no idea that RRS has come up with on his own since his tenure as Culture Czar has been a good one.

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3 Responses to “A disrespected visionary?”

  1. Virgil Lewis Says:

    Before you cast stones, what qualifications did Fred have before he got his job? Check out http://www.virgillewis.blogspot.com. Because you do not have a clue.

  2. WVState Says:

    More qualifications than the empty link you posted above. 🙂

    And definitely more qualifications than RRS has for his job.

  3. Katja Says:

    RRS is a ridiculous, petty, juvenile little man. I will say, however, that the Museum Director seems like a very nice, very capable man. I have heard from people who work there that he really does seem to do an excellent job.

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