We set up podiums for the Governor

Yep, according to Matt Turner, Manchin’s new communications director, that justifies 15% pay increases for the Governor’s staff, even as Manchin tells state workers and teachers there’s no money for pay raises.

Turner himself gets a 55% increase as he moves into Lara Ramsburg’s job. That might be considered a promotion, except the Governor has capped payroll increases on state workers who get promotions to 10%. All this because “Today, we all have more responsibility, doing a lot of work with a smaller staff.” Yes, stuff like setting up podiums and making sure the Governor knows where he’s supposed to be.

Everyone in state government knows that as this governor has cut back, he’s expected state workers to assume additional responsibilities and take over the load of workers who don’t get replaced. You’d think Manchin would have a clue about leading by example.


One Response to “We set up podiums for the Governor”

  1. More help at setting up podiums? « The State of the State of WV Says:

    […] Besides wondering how much this will increase the salary budget in the Governor’s Office (and how much raise Bergstrom gets from his Right of Way job at Highways), one has to wonder why they thought they needed another chief on the staff when apparently what they need are more people to help set up podiums. […]

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