Randall’s retreats

Fun is a big part of a retreat!

Fun is a big part of a retreat!

Word is getting out about Culture and History Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith’s interesting “directors retreats.” Last week he dragged his senior staff out to the South Charleston ice arena for some skating – of course, this was on work time, what were you thinking, it’s a retreat! Previous “retreats” involved a trip to Camden Park and a visit to the Mystery Hole. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a black hole, and he returned to work, or what Reid-Smith thinks is “work.”


3 Responses to “Randall’s retreats”

  1. wvcitizen Says:

    MORE, MORE!!!! Love it! wish Kabler would right a editorial on this.

  2. bingmanch Says:

    Kabler won’t do crap. He’s useless. He’s bought and paid for by Manchin. Our press in this state is a complete, and utter joke. The public is doomed. Too dumb to figure it out on their own, and nobody to tell it to them. They’d rather watch american idol anyways.

  3. wvcitizen Says:

    It really is a shame what is going on in that division and how employees are being treated, how tax dollars are being spent, etc.

    I hope some one blows the whistle and when they do I hope Manchin listens…this will be a big black eye for him if the media gets a hold of this before he takes action. can you say Armstrong times ten?

    Can the division/state take 4 more years of this not so funny joke?

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