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The TV image

March 9, 2009

State workers need and deserve a raise. There’s no two ways about it. The plight was televised on CNN recently, and it can’t have been good publicity for Joe Manchin and his massive personal pay raise.

However, if the various unions that represent, or want to represent,  state workers have half a clue, they’ll think about the image their workers are showing on national television.

I was embarassed to once again see my fellow West Virginians represented on national television by sloppily-dressed, overweight people. Who told Ms. Triska it was a good idea to wear a T-shirt with a heart on it for a TV interview? Who selected the four people to be on the interview panel near the end of the clip? We understand that we want to show West Virginia workers as downtrodden, but let’s not perpetuate the hillbilly stereoptypes. They’re supposed to look like professionals.


More help at setting up podiums?

March 9, 2009

After giving his staff sizable raises on the premise that the staff is short-handed,  Joe Manchin is now robbing from the DOH to move Harry Bergstrom into the Deputy Chief of Staff position in the Governor’s Office.

Besides wondering how much this will increase the salary budget in the Governor’s Office (and how much raise Bergstrom gets from his Right of Way job at Highways), one has to wonder why they thought they needed another chief on the staff when apparently what they need are more people to help set up podiums.