For months I’ve felt the fear over HN1, aka swine flu, was blown out of proportion. Yes, it can be dangerous, like any flu, but is it really the next plague?

The flu is hitting closer to home now, but still, none of my friends who contracted it (from teen to middle age) have suffered worse than a really bad flu break. Yes, a few people have died, but people die from the flu every year, and it doesn’t make the news unless it’s swine or avian or something special. Plain old killer flu just isn’t a newsmaker.

But we have a vaccine out now, and people are getting it, and for some reason that’s causing even more fear.

Posts like this one demonstrate that the fearmongers are as afraid of the cure as they are the sickness. Unfortunately, the reason they fear the cure is because they trust neither the government nor scientists. But these folks who fear science are happy to believe in quackery like ozone treatments.

Perhaps these folks are suffering from what Jon Stewart calls Doubt Break ’09.

Or maybe they’re just not happy unless they’re in a State of Fear.


2 Responses to “H1N1 FUD”

  1. Tiso Says:

    This is a very interesting blog because is provides readers with absolutely no science and no fact. Is it a FACT that vaccinations- of any kind of them have CURED any disease? If that is true please provide the detailed scientific evidence to support that assumption.

    It is very easy to denounce what we do not know anything about as quackery. Lets just focus on the FACTS.

    • WVState Says:

      Vaccines don’t cure anything, they immunize against the illness. They teach the body how to protect against the illness before you get it. That’s a FACT, that’s the SCIENCE of vaccines. Do some research if you want to refute anything.

      How do vaccines work?

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